Friday, June 27, 2014

Sewing Project: Pillowcase dress - Simplicity patterns

Hi everyone,

My mom used to sew lovely clothes for me and my sister .. I want to do the same thing for my daughter...:) There was a pattern sale at Hobby Lobby ... one pattern for 99 cents .. good deal ha!  I got 4 patterns. I plan to sew more clothes for my kids and myself.

I found a really easy pattern for a pillowcase dress. It was my second time to sew from a commercial pattern and surprisingly was easy to follow. I didn't try the applique included with the pattern. I might try it in my next projects god willing.

I will share my version of pillowcase dress in my next post :)

Have a nice day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sewing project: Beach cover up

Hello everyone,

It is summer time again. It means BBQ, weekly trips to the pool, spending more time outside. My kids 've started swim lessons this summer. They love it so far and learn a lot too. I thought about making cover ups for them. I looked up on you tube for a tutorial to make a nice cover up but I couldn't find one. Finally, I found a really nice pattern of a cover up  on Peek -a-boo pattern shop.

It was my first time buying  a pdf pattern and I loved it. In the PDF, there are step by step instructions with clear pictures. I got the towels from Ross with reasonable price. A small tip here: the thinner the towel... the BETTER :)

Peek-a-boo pattern shop has so  many lovely patterns for all skill levels.. I am hooked up :) Also, it has a nice Facebook page where you can share your finished products and ask any question about sewing and patterns.

Till next post .. wish y'all a lovely summer!!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Easy and quick pillowcase

It was the first time I put a pillow in my son's crib. I decided to make his FIRST pillowcase... yaay!! I found some fabulous nursery fabric at Joann's Fabric store. The fabric was a little bit expensive but I should remember to bring some coupons with me next time :) I bought 1 yard of the printed fabric and 1/4 yard of solid one. It was really easy and simple project. I have made it during my kids nap time. I used the tutorial posted by the Crafty Gemini:

The most important thing is that my son really likes his new pillowcase :)

Looking forward to make more pillowcases for my lovely family.

Have a nice day

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sewing Projects: Fabric Coasters

Do you want to make your own coasters? Do you want to make ones that match your decor? Do you want to start sewing and you don't know from where to start? This is an easy and fast project that a beginner can do it. I used the tutorial of Crafty Gemini to make these coasters. They are washable and customized to your taste. I bought the Fabric from Hancook Fabric. You can use Fabric scraps to make it.

Let's Zumba!

I heard a lot about Zumba through friends and I wanted to try. I really need to have some energy to do my housework and take care of the kids.  I did some search online for Zumba classes in my area. I found 2 trainers that give Zumba classes. I chose one of them. Her name is Amy and I went 2 times now. It is like a dance and aerobics class at the same time. The first time was good but I couldn't walk that day .. really literally. The next day, I felt much better and had more energy. The second time was good as well to the extent that I felt that the class went so fast...which is weird and nice :)  I hope I could go two days a week... at least!

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baklava .. Love it!

Few days ago, I baked some Baklava. I really loved it and it was really easy to make :)
Just need:
1. 1 box of filo dough
2. Mix of Nuts, sugar and cinnamon
3. Some Butter
4. Cold Syrup ( bring 2 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar into a boil and then add lemon Juice (half a lemon is enough) and 1 teaspoon of Vanilla on a medium heat)
I used Walnuts!

The dough should be covered all time as it is very sensitive and  dry out easily!

Filling triangles with mixed nuts, sugar and cinnamon
After Baking .. Looking delicious!
After dipping in the cold syrup ..easy ha! and yummy too!

Beautiful Headbands


I got these 2 headbands as a gift from a dear friend. She designed and made them for my baby girl. Love them :) This will encourage me to design some headbands for my baby. love to have a baby girl